Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reading in the Garden

A few weeks ago I offered tarot readings at a friend's garden tour.  It was a delightful day, perfect weather, good flow of visitors, a few readings and the coming together of two loves of mine, tarot and gardening.  When I wasn't reading I was helping Cynthia show off her garden.  I used the Gaian Tarot, which was perfect for the venue.
I had hoped the readings would all be gardening questions.  My first reading was perfect, "will my bamboo stay where it is?" the card was Awakening (20-Judgement), I was afraid it was bad news for the gardener.   That bamboo is going to keep spreading, rising out of the ground.  As the day progressed the reading became less garden centric and more personal, which was fine--but I was operating on a lot of coffee, and very little food, not a good combination for deep personal reflection.

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